Pelle Herfst

Pelle Herfst (1964) is a versatile lighting designer who works in a world where imagination reigns.

Working as a lighting designer since 1985 for a multitude of theater performances including opera, stage plays, musicals, cabaret, concerts and dance. Since 1990, in addition to his work as a lighting designer for theater, he has specialized as a film and television illuminator and has worked on numerous feature films, television series and commercials. From the year 2000 he collaborated with a number of fellow lighting designers and Showcontrol engineers to specialize in the lighting of museums, exhibitions, experiences and architecture which resulted in an international known firm with major projects around the world. In 2020 this firm ended and Bastard Orange Lighting Design was born. For all his projects Pelle uses the lighting disciplines of the different forms of expression he has experience in, so a space can be given a cinematographic appearance or architecture can be illuminated with theatrical visions and vice versa.

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