Pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

Expo 2023,Doha, Qatar - 2023 - 2024

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On 2 October 2023 the Pavilion of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia opened her doors at Expo 2023 in Doha Qatar. The pavilions architectural articulation forms an embrace of a landscape filled with innovations and green initiatives, while the main immersive show forms a beautiful and emotional expression of those stories.

5500M2 exhibition plot area
3.5Km of Façade LED verticals
165m2 360º immersive show

Bastard Orange Lighting Design created the lighting design for the interior and exterior of the KSA pavilion

Client: NEON (fka Cityneon)  | Expo Pavilion Group  Lead creative, architecture, content| UOOU studio  Architectural and interior design| Nana Boitran Project director |SIDstudio  Engineering |NiO Exhibition design |Virginia Zanuso Landscape design | Anghela Alò Show direction and scripting | MCW / creative agency  Façade film | Shosho B.V. Immersive film production lead |Lighting Design : BOLD