Hellinikon Experience Centre

Athens, Greece - 2024 - WORK IN PROGRESS

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Ellinikon International Airport, sometimes spelled Hellinikon (Greek: Ελληνικόν) was the international airport of Athens, Greece for 63 years up until 28 March 2001.

In 2016 when after 22 months of negotiation, it was announced that the Greek state and the Lamda Development consortium signed an agreement, which is set to be ratified by the Greek parliament, for the construction of a metropolitan park, in the vein of New York’s Central Park.

The revitalization of Ellinikon is the biggest project of its kind in Europe and the most ambitious development project ever undertaken in Greece. The Project has been specifically designed to positively impact the local, regional and national economy, by adding significant new investments, employment opportunities, and uses in key areas such as tourism, culture, entrepreneurship, R&D, and the environment.

The development of the Metropolitan Park, covering an area of 2,000,000 sqm, and the creation of an additional 600,000 sqm of communal green and open spaces along with the upgrade and restoration of the coastal front are the dominant aspects of the project design.

The Hellinikon Experience will become an information / experience centre where you can learn about the plans for the Metropolitan Park which will be situated in a former Airplane hangar of the airport.

Bastard Orange Lighting Design was commissioned by Hypsos to create the lighting design for all experience areas.

Exhibition Design: MediaMonks| Experience construction : Hypsos | Audiovisual advice and technical design : Rapenburg Technologies  | Lighting Design : BOLD