Boni – the Musical

Dutch Theatre Tour - 2023 - 2024

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Premiere November 25, 2023 DeLaMar Theater

Boni – the Musical tells the mythical life story of Boni and his struggle against slavery in Suriname. Boni becomes the leader in a long-bitter resistance against the Dutch regime. In this new musical, actors, singers and dancers, including Urvin Monte, Jeannine La Rose, Susan Malaika Bailey, Juneoer Mers and Juan Wells, take us back to the 18th century, with singing, spoken word, rap and soul. Boni – the Musical is about a wound in time, betrayal, resistance, love and brotherhood.

Slavery in Suriname was not endured passively by the enslaved people, but rather has a long history of resistance. Hidden deep in the jungle, Boni manages to make himself almost untouchable, untraceable and immortal. Together with his associates Jolicoeur and Baron, this trio poses a serious threat to the colonists. The so-called Boni Wars (1765 – 1793) will go down in history as the first successful attempt to break the iron grip of the occupying forces. For example, plantations were attacked, freeing enslaved men, women and children and taking supplies, tools and weapons. After a long and bitter battle, Boni is betrayed and killed. Or not? Was Boni actually defeated or did he survive the battle and win? A story that ends in a myth: Boni’s spirit lives on and fills us with hope for a better future.

From minute 1, the audience is visually and aurally transported to Suriname, where Fort Bukú was built deep in the jungle to provide a safe haven for refugees and the mystical nature forms the backdrop for an exciting and emotional adventure that concerns us all.

The cast consists of Urvin Monte (Boni), Jeannine La Rose (Boni’s mother), Juan Wells (De Friderici) and Juneoer Mers (Governor and Bambi, double role). In addition to these names, Susan Malaika Bailey (Ma Cato), Leo-Alexander Hewitt (Baron), Xavier Molijn (Jolicoeur) and Melissa Kanza (Afiba) will be on stage together with a dazzling ensemble.

Bastard Orange Lighting Design (Pelle Herfst) created the lighting design for the musical.

Client: The Doewet Foundation, Twenty8 Productions, Het Zuidelijk Toneel and Vereniging Ons Suriname | Director : Stanley Burleson | Script : Lars Boom| Composer : Norman van Geerke | Set design : Ruben Wijnstok| Costume design : Meredith Joeroeja & Ilse Vermeulen | Lighting Design : Pelle Herfst BOLD