Al die Amsterdamse mensen… Foto’s 1935-1975

Amsterdam City Archives, 27 October 2022 to 12 February 2023

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Amsterdam, the city of ‘all those Amsterdam people’ referred to in a well-known Dutch song, changed radically in the twentieth century. This photo exhibition shows a lively, energetic city where the people of Amsterdam worked, played, lived and partied. It is a unique city that rediscovered itself after World War Two, embracing the new era with courage and humour. It is a city that doubled in size as a result of newly built areas, whose character changed as a result of its increased prosperity and where young people growing up claimed a place of their own.

Bastard Orange Lighting Design created and executed the lighting design for the exhibition.

Client: Stadsarchief Amsterdam | Exhibition Design: Heijdens Karwij | Set Building: Exhibitionists | Lighting Design : BOLD