Airborne Experience, Oosterbeek -2020

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The Airborne Experience in Arnhem follows the Battle of Arnhem step by step. In 1944 heavy fighting took place in the Dutch city of Arnhem, where the Allies tried, but failed, to cross the Lower Rhine. The Airborne Experience takes visitors on an immersive experience through this historic event, using image, sound, light and video to approximate the wartime conditions of this pivotal battle. A truly immersive encounter. The exhibition puts the visitor in the role of a British paratrooper, first flying in a glider, catching a glimpse of the Netherlands below from the windows, before landing in a recreation of the ruins of Arnhem.

Location: Airborne Museum Hartenstein | Open: 2020 | Experience design: Tinker | Lighting Design: Pelle Herfst, Lars Huijgen  | Set Building: Kloosterboer | AV-content: Tinker | AV & Showcontrol : Sierk Janszen | Photography: Mike Bink